Frequently asked questions

The product I want to order is out of stock. What should I do?
The demand for Porky Whites products is exceptionally high and we only manufacture the amount we need to fulfil orders for each day. If the product you want is out of stock this will only be for 24 hours by which time we will have replenished the supply. Please come back the next day and resubmit your order. We won't accept your order until the supply is replenished. We do however, have a limited stock of Porky Lights and would suggest ordering early to avoid disappointment.

I live in the UK but not on the mainland. Can I order online?
All of our online orders are sent in specially made chilled boxes and need to be delivered on an express service to ensure absolute freshness of the products. This means that we are unable to service some off-shore locations such as the Isle of Man and The Channel Islands where such a speedy service is not available. However, we do supply many of the supermarkets here who have their own distribution.

Does my online order need to be signed for?
No. You will receive a SMS/Text notification from our courier service updating you on the delivery status of your order. If you are unable to sign for the package, you can request the courier to leave in a safe place. Please be mindful of the need to protect the package from exceptional heat and sunlight.

Is there a minimum or maximum order value when I purchase online?
No. There are no order limits but even though we subsidise the cost of postage and packing on our products, smaller quantities may prove to be quite expensive when delivery is taken into account. In order to ensure your Porky Whites are as fresh as they were made when we deliver them to you, we have to use special, chilled boxes and an overnight delivery service. Orders over £50 are free of delivery charges.

How long will I have to wait to receive my online order?
Once we have received your order, we prepare your sausages overnight and send them out the following day on a next-day delivery. This usually means that you'll receive your order in two days. We are currently unable to dispatch on a Friday for weekend deliveries.

If I only want one or two packets, do I still need to pay the standard shipping cost?
In order to keep your Porky Whites as fresh as they are made, we send your delivery in special boxes that are insulated and chilled and sent on an express courier service. This method of delivery is the same for one, two or dozens of packs so unfortunately the shipping cost has to apply. We do however, waiver the shipping charge on orders over £50.